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Metallurgical Services

• Plant Efficiency Testing

• Screening Efficiency Testing

• Magnetite loss determination

• Misplaced material determination

• Bias testing of mechanical sampling systems

• Advising on optimal plant operation and
   the total product quality management

• Stockpile temperature monitoring

Consulting Services

• Quality dispute resolution

• Setting up quality assurance system

• Coal quality system auditing (ISO 17025)

• Providing training for lab and coal processing

• Stockyard management

• Complete an in-process sampling and
   testing program.

• Setting up and management of on- site

• Confirmation of analytical results from
   other labs.

• Geology

Services Offered by Sibonisiwe Coal Laboratory

Committed in delivering a value adding service of highest quality to our customers just in time.

The safety of our employees is our top priority in all our business endeavors.

Our business is based on trust which encompasses the principles of fairness, accountability and reliability.

Providing the highest quality Analytical Services to the Coal Mining Industry backed by knowledge, experience, using the latest technology and expertise.


Laboratory Services

• Setting up and running on-site laboratories

• On-site manual sampling (ISO 18283)

• Analysing Geological samples

• Sample Transportation

Coal testing (Middelburg Laboratory) for the following parameters:

a. Coal Sampling (ISO 18283)

b. Sample Preparation (ISO 13909-4) - Accredited

c. Total Moisture (ISO 589) - Accredited

d. Ash Content (ISO 1171) - Accredited

e. Volatile Matter (ISO 562) - Accredited

f. Inherent Moisture (SANS 5925:2007) – Accredited

g. Total Sulphur (ASTM D42390) - Accredited

h. Gross Calorific Value (ISO 1928) - Accredited

i. Abrasiveness Index (ESKOM METHOD) - Accredited

j. Relative/Bulk density (IN-HOUSE)

k. Particle Size Distribution (ISO 1953) - Accredited

l. Float and sink analysis (ISO 7936)

m. Ash Fusion Temperatures (SANS 43:2008) - Accredited

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